Heather Rose is a best selling award-winning Australian author, mentor, public speaker and teacher of writing, creativity and imagination.




“Framing a love story around a long-durational performance work, where the passage of time is essential, is a profoundly original idea. I loved this book.”

Marina Abramovic

"Swirling with complex characters and connections, posing questions about how we should live, about art’s ability to change our lives, and about the ways art changes the artists who create it.”

B. A. Shapiro

“A glorious novel, meditative and special in a way that defies easy articulation.”

Hannah Kent, author of Burial Rites

"Heather Rose’s career as a novelist has been pursued with a calm daring."

Sydney Review

‘Now we have Bruny, which is more like a hand grenade than a book, with its excoriating satire and explosive views on our political and economic trajectory.'

Rohan Wilson

"Rose has mastered the contemporary realist novel. Is there nothing she cannot do with her words and skilled imagination? If there is a fault in this expanse of a novel it is perhaps that … it is almost too confronting."

Helen Elliot, The Age