‘I feel that just reading this book has changed my life.’

Readers have flooded me with their reviews of Nothing Bad Ever Happens Here. Thank you to everyone who has written. It has been an immense experience to read your stories, share your emotions, and glimpse your lives. To receive such exquisitely personal accounts and stories has been humbling and beautiful. Thank you all.

Here are a few extracts  …

I found it a hugely comforting and inspiring read, Heather. Thank you for writing the things that are scary to write. L

I’ve now read it twice as it moved me so much. I am in awe of not only your writing but your strength and wisdom. T

I read your book in about an afternoon, tears streaming down my face like the rain outside. It has touched me in a way you wouldn’t ever believe, given me hope for my future. In you I saw myself and the beautiful life we live. So delicately connected and intelligent beyond our comprehension. I just wanted to reach out and thank you for this, from the bottom of my heart. T

Your memoir – which I just finished reading – won’t let me go. K

I have work to do in the world. Something is calling me.’ These are the words of yours I just read and burst into tears… your words penetrate so deeply through hardened skin. Your story is a balm. Your writing is bringing healing and direction and peace… J

I loved and appreciated your book…I feel that just reading this book has changed my life. I feel humbled in every way… T

Such a beautiful read … thank you for sharing your experiences with us. J

Your description of chronic pain has me undone. I have never read anything so searingly accurate to describe how we live this secret life of pain. You made me cry but somehow I am less alone. M

I read it in 3 days. Your writing is beautiful. C

I just can’t put it down! I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this memoir with us. It’s an amazing journey. D

Such a beautiful read and oh what an amazing journey; I couldn’t put it down! L

I swallowed your book in one beautiful gulp – reading it on a rainy afternoon and evening … I loved it. I cried. I contemplated. Thank you for your vulnerable and enlightening sharing. S

Thank you for writing the best memoir I’ve read. Your writing is always a joy! M

I also have AS and your words and wisdom have helped me so much. I cried and laughed throughout and you have inspired and changed something in my focus for the time ahead. Thank you for sharing your story. H

I just want you to know that I absolutely adored your book. It was such a joy to read. It was like reading a piece of art. Thank you thank you thank you. E

Thank you for sharing your story with us mere mortals. Thank you for having the strength to endure all you have and for embracing and sharing your choice for JOY with us all. E

I just wanted to say how beautiful your (memoir) is… As a painter of the landscape I feel you have done a poetic justice to its omnipotent nature as our backdrop. It was heartbreaking in its quiet beauty but joyous in its adventure.  A real hit to the chest. J

This is not your average memoir. Magic. K

I just wanted to say how much I loved Nothing Bad Ever Happens here. It has helped me navigate a challenging time in life. Definitely a read that will stay with me! Thank you. R

Such a wonderful book – deserves every accolade. How hard it must have been to write – let alone live. Sending love. S

I listened to you on audio. I cried, laughed, took notes! A truly transformative memoir which rekindled many memories of my own life. Thank you for writing so truthfully and bravely. S

It’s a beautiful and powerful read. Thank YOU! C

Just finished your memoir. Love the way you seen the world. You’re a gem. R

Just finished your memoir. Oh my – it was authentic, beautiful, vulnerable and raw and I LOVED it. N

I’ve just finished reading your latest book which I found very moving. As an avid reader from an early age, I’ve always felt we should be grateful to people who write books. C

I listened to Nothing Bad Ever Happens Here on Audible over Easter. Wow. So many moments rang true. Your description of spiritual encounters gave words to some of my own encounters. The search, your commitment, your persistence and belief. All inspiring and fitting for me traversing through my Easter break. Thank you. V

I have just finished your memoir and feel moved by your words and the experience of reading it. It was challenging at times …and opened up a wound that I have been desperately band-aiding – and very much need to address. Thank you for giving so much of yourself to us. T

Thank you for Nothing Bad Ever Happens Here. It drew my breath away. C

Just finished reading your memoir – wonderful – thank you for sharing. R

Thank you for the beautiful read. Your words have made such an impact. I’m pondering and reflecting on my own life as I feel them settle in me.  K

I have had AS since I was 11 and have never had the words to describe how I feel so people would understand. Reading your memoir made me uncontrollably weep as my feelings were finally validated. I was given your book by a friend who thought it might help me and I don’t think she will ever realise how right she was … so just a huge thank you. E

I just finished your book. How did you know??? So many stories that relate to me and my life!!! I had tears reading it. An amazing book. D



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  • Donna Lumsden says:

    Hi Heather,
    I have just finished your memoir “nothing bad ever happens here”
    Firstly I just want to say I’m sorry for your loss & Thank you for sharing your story. I have a story to, but no-one ever wants to hear it, it’s makes people feel a little uncomfortable I feel.
    Last year, in May, my 32 year old son drowned whilst having his afternoon swim north of Byron Bay, he had debilitating mental health issues from trauma he experienced in his teenage years & was just doing his usual afternoon routine with his support worker. It is your absolute worst nightmare when police come knocking at your door to give you that devastating news. My sons story is a long story so I will not share it here. I work in a book shop & had picked your book up several times, not really knowing what it was about but thinking at some point I would read it. Then a lovely customer highly recommended your book. It was so beautifully written, so heartfelt & real. I could relate to your mother’s pain, your swimming at the drowning spot & many other chapters of the book. I don’t think a day will ever go by for our family where we won’t think about him & wish he was here sharing the now. I have found some peace in the natural world, I swim where he drowned, I take flowers, I do beach art where he lay, I float and look at clouds, looking for the letter J. I marvel at rainbows, I look for him everywhere. I walk a lot, read & plant flowers. The pain is intense & still raw. I have found comfort in your book & it has given me some hope that one day I will feel ok & that I may find my joy.
    Love & hugs to you

    1. Heather Rose says:

      Dearest Donna,

      Forgive me for the delay in responding – I have only just read your note. Thank you for sharing your story and for your kind and beautiful words. I am so glad the memoir brought comfort. Wishing you a gentle journey through this very tough time. Thank you again for reaching out. I have been overwhelmed with the number of people who share your story and my story in some way. Grief is indeed a long song. It’s been a beautiful gift of the book. With love and gratitude – and many blessings – Heather

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