Heartbreaking and beautiful, this is a love story brimming with courage and joy against all odds…

Born on the island of Tasmania, Heather Rose falls in love with nature, but a family tragedy at age twelve sets her on a course to explore life and all its mysteries.

Here is a wild barefoot girl keen for adventure, a seeker of truth initiated in ancient rituals, a fledgling writer who becomes one of Australia’s most acclaimed authors, a fierce mother whose body may falter at any moment.

Nothing Bad Ever Happens Here is a luminous, compelling and utterly surprising memoir by the Stella Prize-winning author of The Museum of Modern Love and Bruny. Heartbreaking and beautiful, this is a love story brimming with courage and joy against all odds, one that will bring wonder, light and comfort to all who read it.

After writing eight works of fiction, award-winning author Heather Rose has taken a surprising U-turn and written a memoir. The result is sensational. Nothing Bad Ever Happens Here is a deeply personal collection filled with reflections on love, death, creativity and healing.

When Rose was twelve, her grandfather and brother drowned. The title, Nothing Bad Ever Happens Here, refers to the place where it happened – a place Rose returns to as an adult, a place she finds peace with. This is a memoir about life, death and everything in-between. It’s achingly beautiful and wise. With each chapter, Rose guides us into her life, revealing herself in a way that is both vulnerable and courageous. From premonitions and psychic insight to drug use and exploration of alternative practices, she embraces the great mystery of life – even her own suffering. And in spite of all the struggles she’s encountered, she turns to the light, embracing gratitude and choosing joy.

Beautifully written, as we’ve come to expect from Rose, and truly inspiring, Nothing Bad Ever Happens Here is an absolute must-read.


Better Reading, Nov 22

Author photo – Peter Mathew


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