‘Vivienne Small lived in a tree house. It was quite new, her previous one having been destroyed by pirates, as some of you may remember.’

A Week Without Tuesday

The sequel to the internationally acclaimed children’s novel Finding Serendipity. A Week Without Tuesday delves deeper into the world of Vivienne Small with a fearsome new enemy, and some vivid and remarkable new characters, including The Gardener. On one level this is another marvellous and magical adventure, but on another, it’s about the power of imagination and the choices writers must face as their plots develop. For enthusiastic primary age writers and readers everywhere.

This series is published in Australia by Allen & Unwin, Germany by Magellan and the USA by Henry Holt.

  • "A Week Without Tuesday" is a superb children's book in the best storytelling tradition and, like "Finding Serendipity", it's also a beautiful and wise look at the world of writers and their wonderful words. A triumph of imagination.”

  • “I loved Finding Serendipity, the first book featuring Tuesday McGillycuddy. But I adored A Week Without Tuesday. It is fun, imaginative, and with an excellent story and characters.”

  • “This is the best series. So well written and so compelling. Just amazing. This book just makes me happy.”

Can you imagine? (A week without Tuesday) - Bee Smith ©2015