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Elizabeth Gilbert comes to Hobart

Ok this is pretty exciting. Elizabeth Gilbert will be here in 10 days.

If you haven’t read Big Magic yet, please do. It’s a brilliant book on creativity. If you are an artist of any sort, or if you have friends who are trying to write their first novel, or are anywhere along the journey of the creative life, (or if you secretly think you might be more creative than you’ve ever allowed yourself to be) this is a boon companion.

I’ll have the pleasure of being in conversation with Elizabeth Gilbert at the Theatre Royal on February 18th. Apart from the wonderful Big Magic, we’ll be talking about The Signature of All Things – one of my favourite novels of all time (yes, I do mean that). And we might touch on that other (international mega-hit) book she wrote Eat, Pray, Love – and possibly the fascinating The Last American Man. We may even get to Stern Men. In short, Elizabeth Gilbert is a diverse and immensely talented writer who has so much to share about writing, commitment, creativity, productivity and courage.  And if you want to hear her, it’s a one-night-only-in-Hobart opportunity. Bless the Tasmanian Writers centre for making it happen.

Tickets are selling fast so please don’t miss out. Theatre Royal Box Office

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Heather Rose
Heather Rose
Heather Rose writes for both adults and children and her seven novels include The Museum of Modern Love, The Butterfly Man, The River Wife and the Tuesday McGillycuddy children's series - Finding Serendipity, A Week Without Tuesday and Blueberry Pancakes Forever - which she writes together with award-winning author Danielle Wood under the pen-name of Angelica Banks.
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