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How to write a novel in 11 years

If you’d like a little insight into what it takes to write a novel, this is an article I wrote on The Museum of Modern Love that appeared today in The Age and also the Sydney Morning Herald. The Age – The Steady Gaze

The Museum of Modern Love – almost published

  To anyone who wonders how long novels take to write … well, sometimes they take a very long time. Here is the cover art of my new novel –  The Museum of Modern Love – about to be published in Australia September 2016. It’s taken 11 years. I did write 4 other novels in […]

Somerset Celebration of Literature 2016

Every year, in the hinterland of the Gold Coast, a most remarkable celebration of children’s literature takes place – the  Somerset Celebration of Literature –  at the Somerset College. Angelica Banks was lucky enough to be one of the thirty authors for 2016. It’s hard to express the scale of this festival. There are literally thousands of […]

Elizabeth Gilbert comes to Hobart

Ok this is pretty exciting. Elizabeth Gilbert will be here in 10 days. If you haven’t read Big Magic yet, please do. It’s a brilliant book on creativity. If you are an artist of any sort, or if you have friends who are trying to write their first novel, or are anywhere along the journey of […]

Lord Lucan officially declared dead

It’s been more than 41 years since Lord Lucan disappeared in 1974 following the murder of the family nanny – Ms Sandra Rivett. But this week I have received many emails from readers about the news that Lord Lucan has finally been declared dead. Again, officially and – hopefully – finally. His eldest son, George […]

Writing retreats

One of the secrets of getting books done is sometimes to run away to some secluded little spot that allows complete, uninterrupted writing time. This month I’ve been lucky enough to find a house in the perfect location for my next novel. Where it is will remain a mystery until that novel is done. Some of […]

Marina Abramovic, David Walsh and a reading from my next novel

Back in 2005 I was fascinated by a photograph at the National Gallery in Melbourne. That photograph has taken me around the world, and lead me to my seventh novel – to be published in 2016.

Marina Abramovic in Sydney

For ten years, I’ve been working on a novel about Marina Abramovic. Now John Kaldor is bringing Marina Abramovic to Sydney for a unique show from June 24th to July 5th at Pier 2/3.