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The Museum of Modern Love – almost published



To anyone who wonders how long novels take to write … well, sometimes they take a very long time. Here is the cover art of my new novel –  The Museum of Modern Love – about to be published in Australia September 2016. It’s taken 11 years. I did write 4 other novels in the meantime – but it’s been a lesson in endurance. As the cover suggests, it’s about art – and also marriage. And Marina Abramovic is a character in the novel. I hope you enjoy it.

Heather Rose
Heather Rose
Heather Rose writes for both adults and children and her seven novels include The Museum of Modern Love, The Butterfly Man, The River Wife and the Tuesday McGillycuddy children's series - Finding Serendipity, A Week Without Tuesday and Blueberry Pancakes Forever - which she writes together with award-winning author Danielle Wood under the pen-name of Angelica Banks.
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  • Anna Chilcott

    Dear Heather,
    I just have to say I absolutely loved The Museum of Modern Love. It is a pearl of a book: meditative, poetic, so moving, almost hallucinatory in places – it took me into bits of my brain that just aren’t accessed or utilised in our crazy, chaotic everyday lives … I understand (and appreciate so much) the time you took to create this piece of literary art genius. I shed many tears and was incredibly moved by the woven themes and your delicately constructed prose.
    Just thank you. … I apologise that my words don’t do it’s beauty the justice it deserves
    I will be plugging it shamelessly to my like-minded friends.
    With great respect and more than a little awe,
    Anna Chilcott

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