White Heart

‘My brother Ambrose is a tiger hunter. He is a man beyond the weather with his breath in the sky and his heart on the track ahead.’

White Heart

A first novel filled with the magic of childhood and the poignant transition to adulthood of Farley Willow and her brother Ambrose. White Heart is a novel that evokes the ever-present beauty of Tasmania from sea-shore to the south-west wilderness. Ambrose searches for evidence of the last Tasmanian tiger while Farley journeys into native American ritual. A novel about the fragile landscape of the human heart.

"This is a classic tale of a spiritual journey set in our modern world. The story flows beautifully and speaks truthfully…"

Coyote Madonna

"A haunting blend of spirituality, landscape and grief – White Heart is an accomplished novel – an impressive debut."

Sunday Times

"A delicious crispness and an unusual turn of phrase."

Sun Herald

"Spirituality permeates Heather Rose’s first novel, White Heart, as much as the past haunts it. This story is a complex of interwoven, sometimes chimeric themes…A-class debut."

The Australian